Loan Checklist

The items you will need BEFORE starting the application are the following:

  •   Legal name as it appears on your driver’s license including middle/maiden names
  • Social security number(s)
  • Date of birth
  • 2 years residency history
  • 2 years employment history
  • Checking/savings account information and/or where the money will be coming from for closing etc.
  • You can list your liabilities or we can obtain this from your credit report whatever is more convenient for you is perfectly fine with me.

Items needed:

  1.   2010, 2011 & 2012 W-2 forms2010 & 2011 COMPLETE income tax returns (please include all pages) (2012 Upon Completion) If your 2012 tax returns are completed then I will only need your 2011 & 2012 W-2’s and tax returns.
  2. Most recent 30 days paycheck stubs with year to date earnings
  3. TWO months bank statements for checking, savings and investment accounts if applicable (please include ALL pages of the statement that are included in the numerical sequence even if intentionally left blank). Any deposits that are not payroll related or transfer from checking to savings or vice versa will have to be documented for underwriting.
  4. Copy of valid driver’s license and social security card