“When it comes to selling homes, some agents are Listing Agents and others are Marketing Agents, we pride ourselves at being the best Marketing Agents in the business.” ~ Cortiers Real Estate

Selling a home on your own is no easy feat. Instead, allow us to come alongside you and make your selling process smoother and more efficient. We provided links below for your convenience that will assist you on various details from preparing your property to be sold to requesting a market evaluation of your home.

If you cannot find what you need below, be sure to contact us, and we would be more than glad to help you sell your home!

Below is a link to our step by step plan to best market and sell your home effectively using top-notch technologies. We maximize the visibility of your property to the buying public and keep you involved every step of the way by utilizing every outlet of technology possible!

We provide a free consultation for selling your home with us: